Hyundai Ioniq , Hybrid and electric

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Hyundai rakes off: the Korean brand prepares Ioniq, a separate model will be offered in conventional hybrid, rechargeable version sector and also in all-electric.

So far, the Hyundai-Kia group seemed to focus on the distant future, with his SUV iX35 fuel cell already produced in small series. But the Korean does not forget the rise of hybrid or battery-electric models whose sales increase. For this, a new platform designed specifically for alternative powertrains will be launched at the Geneva show next spring. This will be the Hyundai Ioniq who étrennera, with an interesting exclusive: this is the first car on the market that will be split into hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all electrical short. The customer to choose the version that suits them best, depending on its use and its budget. An interesting approach, other manufacturers (notably Germany) are preparing to copy.

Technically, the hybrid Ioniq combine a gasoline engine 1.6 to an electrical supply. The rechargeable hybrid variant should even enjoy a second electrical wizard that only cause the rear axle, which will provide extra traction. The 100% electric variant finally happen totally thermal mechanics. Its lithium-ion battery will be the greatest, allowing approximately 200 km autonomy. The Ioniq comes in the form of a compact sedan hatchback whose silhouette vaguely evokes the Opel Ampera and Toyota Prius, its main targets. But its technological background also serve to other models of the group, future Kia Niro in the lead.

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