Train “chameleon” that disappears into its surroundings …… Japan’s Newest Train Design Will Be Practically Invisible

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If I thought in a country able to design and manufacture the trains bizarre and unusual and that probably had not been notified in the mind of any person, notify your mind Japan.

Japan created a commentator who was – magnetic levitation Over the past two years – is used to transport passengers across the country at speeds of up to 580 kilometers per hour. Now, the “Cebu” Railway Company wishes in Hefei train manufacturing, according to the report sciencealert finally.

The train, which was designed by the Japanese architectural Kazuo Sigma, which finally got the Pritzker Prize – It serves as the Nobel Prize for architects – will not be completely hidden, but high-reflectance. Basically, this train is integrated with the things that surround it, through the reversal of those things through the reflective mirrors that cover the cover of the train.

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